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On this site you will find tutorials on how to silk paint along with my Dakini's Choice online shop. I love silk and other fine clothing. My experience as a silk painter lead me to experiment with fashion design and other fabrics. I retail vintage clothes and also re-work things into new and trendy styles.

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Katherine's Blog *Vintage Scarf Collection*

I have a blog where I post my new found treasures of Vintage and Deisigner Silk Scarves. Dakini's Vintage Scarves Blog is a great place to go for scarf collectors to find rare and exciting silks. I use my experience from years of being a silk artist to discerne quality silk scarves that can also be considered works of art that have value and beauty. We also sell previously owned newer silk (and other high quality materials) scarves that are also excellent quality and at really great prices! I choose some scarves just for their uniqueness and wearablility even though they may not be that old. Come by and see what's new and different!

My goal is to make new entries on a weekly basis so stay tuned and sign up for the RSS feed! Also, if you have a blog that might be of interest to my readers please send me your link.

"How To" Methods

I have put up some short tutorials on silk painting and dyeing for those crafty people out there. My newest one is how to make a frame for stretching silk or other fabric to prepare it for painting.Microwave Dyeing is super easy anyone can do it using your microwave at home! See a demonstration on the Resist_Technique in combination with the Direct Method. I also show how to Silk Screen onto silk without the need for a dark room.

Steam-Setting is necessary for certain types of silk dyes which are known for their intense color and lightfastness. See these instructions on how to build your own Silk Steamer and do your own steaming!

Here is a really fun mother daughter project, a Silk Painting Craft Idea that you can try.

Silk Painting Tutorial
Artist - Katherine Munro
Silk Painter Katherine Munro

I have been a Watercolor Painter most of my life and my Silk Paintings definitely have a heavy painterly influence. There is a short biography about me and how I came to the Way of Silk on my About The Artist page.

I also do a lot of custom dyeing and teach workshops. I can dye or paint almost anything as long as it is a natural fiber. Use the Contact Form to email me about custom orders or teaching.

Organza Ripple Wraps

These wraps and scarves are truly unusual and will attract attention.

Made from strips of 100% Organza silk, they are sheer elegance!

They are perfect for spring or that special night out and make a very exotic gift.

These Ripple Wraps and Ripple Scarves are no longer available to purchase online. Please contact Katherine if you'd like to order one through the contact form.

Painted Silk Organza Wrap
Silk Painting Books

I will be doing some reviews of good silk painting books but here is a link to amazon and with some suggestions for now. I highly recommend Susan Louis Moyer's two books on silk painting. I learned so much from these books and she does a great job of explaining everything from the beginning. she has great photographs and pictures of work by many silk artists.

Silk Painting Resources

Don't forget about these useful resources: silk painting supplies, silk painters and artists, artisan organizations and other art and craft related sites. You will also find links to all of my retail representatives.

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